Simply amazing experience!

Firstly Jens, a million thanks for doing this year after year, the sheer level of local knowledge that you bring in to the entire workshop is just amazing, it was so much fun just being in your company and just go and shoot all around the places and being at the right place at the time was only possible due to your passion that you bring to this workshop and also how well you have understood this entire Lofoten region.
About the workshop, this is my first ever photo workshop and flying all the way from Singapore to attend your workshop was completely worth it both logistically and financially. I highly recommend this workshop to people at any level who want to pack some adventure along with amazing fun and awesome experience in this one week workshop. I am so eager to join you on your next Iceland trip (hopefully). Lastly, a big thanks to an amazing group we had this time, super awesome folks.

Anik Raghubanshi

Senja '24


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